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Meet Runde Auto Group’s Newest Customer — Melissa Blitgen

Melissa Blitgen stopped by our East Dubuque store today to pick up her new ride. Melissa lives about 15 miles to the south in Bellevue, Iowa so if you’re from that area you may see her cruising around in her Mitsubishi convertible.

Melissa was kind enough to answer a few questions and tell us a little bit about herself before driving off into the sun-filled horizon with the top down.

Runde Auto Chat : What kind of car did you buy?

Melissa Blitgen: A 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder Convertible.

RAC: Where is the first place you’ll take your new ride?

MB: Home.

RAC: Do you think your car is a male of a female? Will you name the car?

MB: Definitely female … I’ll have to let you know once I come up with the perfect name?

RAC: What’s the best thing about your new car?

MB: The way it looks — it’s a sharp car.

RAC: If you were a vehicle, what vehicle would you want to be and why?

MB: A convertible, because it’s cool !!

RAC: Do you have a favorite spot in the Tri-State area?

MB: Bricktown Brewery in Dubuque — specifically The Deep night club.

RAC: How would you rate your car buying experience at Runde’s?

MB: Excellent.

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