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OnStar Earns Another Star on its Report Card

OnStar will soon be releasing their new Vehicle Slow-Down Technology. This new feature will be available on a number of 2009 GM vehicles equipped with OnStar – and trust us it’s a feature that you never want take advantage of. The technology was developed to assist police officers in recovering stolen vehicles.

The chief advantage of this new technology is to stop high-speed chases, for which police departments around the country are taking heat for. Nearly 40% of high-speed chases result in property damage and almost 25% result in injury or death.

OnStar predicts that it will conduct about 600 vehicle slowdowns a year when the service reaches full distribution. It will be available on 19 models for 2009. I’m sure this means that car theives will eventually learn to check first before stealing a vehicle equipped with OnStar.

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