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In the Neighborhood

Anyone who is from the Tri-State area is probably familliar with and fond of the The 19th Hole restaurant in East Dubuque, IL. It’s situated halfway between Runde Chevrolet and Runde Suzuki-PreDriven on Hwy 35N. Runde employees have been enjoying food from this establishment for years.

Mike Lawler (detail specialist) adds, “It’s definitely good food — the best burgers in town.”

I have no problem agreeing with Mike about the burgers. Runde’s places a to-go order from the 19’th Hole probably 50 of the 52 Saturdays throughout the course of any given year and the burgers have never failed to keep this blogger’s engine firing on all cylinders.

Click on the menu to the right to check out the current offerings at The 19th Hole.

Of course, as their name suggests, the restaurant offers much more than food. The have a full service bar and a very quaint 18 hole outdoor minature golf course. The golf course is seasonal, and I noticed that it was open already as I was driving past the other day.

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