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Ford Decides to Ix-nay Aguar-Jay

According to the New York Times: Ford Motor Co. is selling its luxury brands Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata Motors Ltd. in India. This was announced last week and will undoubtedly expand the Indian car company’s marketshare around the world. Of course it will also give Jaguar and Land Rover the badly needed funds to refresh and expand their vehicle offerings. The sale had been on the drawing board for months as Ford was seeking money to fund its turn-around plans. Check out the full story: Click Here.
This is great news for Ford buyers as the company will be able to narrow their focus and devote the new funding to research and ultimately cut the lag time in between model change-overs. In fact, Ford has now resolved to remodel their vehicles every three years.
Derrick Kuzak, vice president of Ford global product development, recently said, “One way to differentiate yourself and bring people into the showroom is with great design,” he went on to add. “You don’t design for the masses; each vehicle has a target audience.”

It’s awesome that Ford has decided to do this. My kid has one of those “Magic Eight Balls” at home. Just for kicks, I shook it up and asked if it looked like Ford was planning to take us on an exciting ride in the near future.

The response I got back: “My sources say yes”. The Magic Eight Ball never lies.




The 2009 Ford Flex Cross-Over









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