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It’s Valentines Day at Runde’s …

Valentines Day at Runde’s is a Festive Floral Occasion


Sue Hanger celebrating Valentines Day at Runde's


Sue Hanger was clearly celebrating Valentines Day at Runde’s today.  Sue is one of the Accountants for Runde Chevrolet. Her husband Kevin had this lovely floral display shipped in from Paris … well maybe not quite that far. It’s clear that Sue is still Kevin’s #1 Valentine and vice versa.


Lori holding her bouquet of flowers


This is Lori Schoenberger who manages the Runde PreDriven Service Department. She is shown here proudly displaying the arrangement of flowers that was given to her by her sweetheart for Valentines. 


Lisa Rigdon smiling and holding flower on Valentines Day at Runde's


Lisa Rigdon wasn’t about to be shown up on Valentines Day by her co-workers. Lisa handles vehicle titles and works out of the Runde Auto Group upstairs office. Her husband put a smile on her face with this decadent bouquet of flowers.



Becky Kuhl


Meet Becky Kuhl, who also works in the upstairs office at Runde Chevrolet in East Dubuque. She seemed really happy on Valentines Day at Runde’s, but no one had the heart to tell her that this wasn’t a vase full of flowers — Actually she did receive some very pretty flowers from her boyfriend, but they were at her house so she held up this as a proxy for the flowers.


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