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Snow Storm Pummels the Tri-States

Today we found ourselves digging out of yet another snowstorm as Mother Nature decided to blanket our area with a foot of snow.
It was actually a very pretty day, until you had to get in your vehicle and actually drive someplace. Whether you were heading to work, to the store, or to get your taxes done — the roadways proved treacherous as plows couldn’t keep up with the rate the snow was coming down. As of right now the storm that hovered over the Tri-State area for most of Wednesday is now heading in the right direction — away from us.

Almost all schools were closed in the region today and many people were sent home from work early, but overall the Missippi Valley area coped admirably with day’s abominable weather.

It’s closing in on a record-breaking winter in the Tri-State area. There wasn’t much snow in November, but once December hit, Tri-Staters busted out their show shovels, snow blowers, ice scrapers, and bags of salt (or snow-melt for the environmentally conscious). If it hadn’t been for that nice warm spell that graced us in January, we’d probably be running out of places to put all the snow right now.

Here at Runde’s — we made it through the storm and we’ll start brushing the snow off of our 1400 vehicles when Thursday morning comes. In the unfortunate event that your car or truck doesn’t feel obligated to start for you in the morning, please give us a call at 1-866-735-5200. Our service department will be glad to diagnose the problem and get you back on the road again.

Drive safely and keep your chin up because spring-time is just around the corner … and for those of you who can’t wait that long, there’s always Mexico.


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