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Dubuque and Manchester Area Pricing Menu for Servicing Your Vehicle

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Whether you're in the market for new tires, a new battery for your car, new brakes for your truck, or an oil change for your SUV ... Runde's Four Service Departments in East Dubuque, Hazel Green, Cuba City, and Manchester are focused on one thing: caring for you and your vehicle. From routine service and maintenance to major repairs, we offer certified Service Technicians and Genuine Factory Parts for your vehicle. Listed below is a menu of our regular service and maintenance items along with our pricing. We stand at the ready with professional care for all your service and maintenance needs. 


Call any one of our Four Locations to make an appointment!

Runde Chevrolet  Runde Suzuki/ PreDriven  Runde Buick  Runde of Manchester
780 IL Rt. 35 N   138 WI Hwy 35 N   2496 WI Hwy 80 S   1221 W. Main Street
East Dubuque, IL 61025   Hazel Green, WI 53811   Cuba City, WI 53807   Manchester, IA 52057
(866) 735-5200   (866) 396-6832   (866) 576-0797   (866) 580-9767

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Lube, Oil & Filter

$24.95 *
Inspect all fluid levels and condition. Check belts and hoses. Lube door and hood hinges, lube steering, suspension and driveline. Clean exhaust system. Oil change includes up to 5 quarts of motor oil and new AC Delco air filter.
(For diesels and synthetic oil, prices may be slightly higher.)
* price not valid with any other coupons

Tire Rotation

If you live in an arounde the Dubuque area, call our Service Department at Runde Chevrolet to check and set tire pressures. Rotate tires & wheels as recommended.  (If you're ready for a new set of all-season radial tires, keep in mind that Runde Chevrolet in East Dubuque also carries a great selection of new tires for sale).

Wheel Balance

Check tire pressures & adjust as necessary. Balance four tires. Rotate tires. Inspect tires and wheels for abnormal wear & damage. Torque wheel nuts as recommended.
* appointment necessary

Wheel Alignment (2 wheel and 4 wheel)

Check and adjust caster, camber and set toe. Check tire pressure and wear. Check all steering and suspension. Additional parts and labor may be required on some vehicles.
* appointment necessary

Brake System Inspection

Check brake lines and hoses. Inspect disc brake pads and linings. Check master cylinder and fluid levels.

Air Conditioning Service


If you live in an around the Manchester, IA area, be sure that your A/C is ready to handle the scortching summer heat.  Performance test system. Inspect system for leaks. Check drive belt condition and tension. Check hoses and belts for deterioration. Tighten compressor and mounting bolts, if necessary. Refrigerant extra.  You can reach our Manchester location at 866-580-9767.

Service Maintenance Combo Package I

Change engine oil and filter. Reset oil life system. Visually check for any leaks or damage. Rotate and inspect tires. Check inflation pressure and wear. Inspect brake system, including brake lines, hoses, pads, calipers, wheel cylinders, rotors, and drums. Check engine coolant and windshield washer fluid. Perform any additional needed services. Trucks: Lubricate front suspension, ball joints, steering linkage, and parking brake cable. Trucks with Allison Transmission only: Inspect external control-main filter; replace if necessary. Additional recommended services and costs, resulting from inspections performed, will be brought to your attention.

Brakes-Front Pads Only (Resurface Additional) --

Install pads. Inspect rotors. Check calipers and master cylinder fluid levels.
*Excludes performance vehicles. (This special offer expires 12-31-11)

Service Maintenance Combo Package II

Change engine oil and filter. Reset oil life system. Visually check for any leaks or damage. Inspect engine air cleaner filter; replace if necessary. Rotate and inspect tires. Check inflation pressures and wear. Inspect brake system, including brake lines, hoses, pads, calipers, wheel cylinders, rotors, and drums. Check and top off all fluid levels. Inspect engine cooling system. Lubricate body components. Inspect wiper blades for wear or cracking. Inspect restraint system components. Lubricate and inspect suspension and steering components. Check transmission/transaxle fluid level and add fluid as needed. Inspect engine and accessory belts. Inspect Evaporative Control System. Trucks without a filter restriction indicator: Inspect engine air cleaner filter. Diesel only: Fuel filter service; replace as necessary (replacement extra). Diesel only: Check air intake. Trucks with Allison Transmission only: Inspect external control-main filter; replace if necessary (replacement extra). Price does not include additional mileage-based services as recommended in your Owner's Manual.
* Cost of replacement air or fuel filter (if necessary) is not included in price.

Power Steering Service

In the Inspect condition of all hoses and clamps. Service and bleed power steering fluid system. Replenish with proper grade fluids.

Transmission/Transaxle Service

Drain and refill the transmission/transaxle with approved fluid. Adjust linkage if necessary. Install filter and gasket. Check transmission/transaxle operation.
* Flush up to 12 Quarts of fluid.

Replace Cabin Air Filter

Call For Price*
Replace micro filter that removes dust and pollen. Remove most allergens from the air that enters a vehicle's ventilation system. Effectively helps reduce airborne particles including pollen and road dust.
* Price may vary according to vehicle make and model. Please call 866-735-5200 for a price quote.

Exhaust System Inspection

Inspection of muffler, all attached exhaust pipes, and other exhaust components. Check to see if the system is functioning properly and is free of gaps or leaks.

Battery Replacement

Runde Auto Group Service$109.95

Standard Battery - $109.95
Premuim Battery - $133.95

Runde Auto Group - Serving the Tri-States with Four Convenient Locations

General Contact Number: (866) 735-5200

No mas Cinqo de Mayo por favor -- el Quatro de Julio est aqui

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Wishing everyone a safe and jubilant 4th of July weekend. If you don't have plans for the weekend yet, there's still time to make them. If you're just not the plannin' type ... well, we hear ya. It's casual.

 All four of the Runde Auto Group locations will be closed on Monday the 5th of July in honor of the National Holiday. We'll reopen again for business on Tuesday the 6th, but remember that you can access our inventory 24/7 at www.RundeAutoGroup.com Runde Chevrolet in East Dubuque

Hunting for the New GM CEO

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If you keep up to date with what's going on in the vehicle industry you probably know that the GM CEO, Frederick 'Fritz' Henderson has resigned within the last couple of weeks. Ed Whitacre, who was the chairman of the board at GM, is taking the role as interim CEO.

The search for a new CEO began almost immediately after Henderson resigned. Spencer Stuart, from Headhunting Firm, was put in charge of finding the new GM CEO. Without a doubt , the search can't be easy for Stuart. The qualifications required to be the CEO of one of the most recognized companies in the world undoubtedly amounts to no small checklist. GM wants someone who is "globally minded" having "extensive global, manufacturing and turnaround" experience.

To help him out, people have been making some pretty awesome suggestions... Here's some of the best (top 10) suggestions for the new GM CEO that people have suggested:

1. Sarah Palin.


2. The Stig (The masked racing driver on the BBC show Top Gear).


3. The Former ShamWOW Guy.


4. Myself.

5. Pamela Anderson


(Baywatch was one of the most globally watched shows ever. A globally marketed image is right up her alley -- David Hasselhoff just missed making our list. *Note -- it is very challenging finding an image of Pamela where she is wearing clothes over 60% of her body). 

6. Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft).


7. Mark Zuckerberg (Co-Founder of Facebook).


8.Martha Stewart.


9. "Neo" from the Matrix trilogy.


10. The Terminator.


Some great suggestions floating out there... if only we could see GM led by the mother of crafts and home decor... we would see vehicles in every color of the pantone book and vehicle options that include useful things like toaster ovens, rear hanging Venetial blinds, and a sewing machine with an optional 2nd sewing pedal next to the brake pedal. If you can think of better candidates let's hear 'em!

Dodge Ram Wins Truck of the Year!

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Motor Trend recently announced the 2010 Truck of the year. And, maybe not so surprisingly, the Dodge Ram took home the title for the king of trucks. Up against some pretty fierce competition, like the popular F-150 and Silverado, the Ram out-contended the best from every make out there. And judging from what it can do in the video below, it seems pretty well deserved.

Based on the following criteria, taken from Motor Trend's website (http://www.motortrend.com), the ram out-performs the competition in most categories.

  • DESIGN ADVANCEMENT Quality execution of exterior and interior styling; innovation in vehicle packaging; good selection and use of materials.
  • ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE Integrity of total vehicle concept and execution, clever solutions to packaging, manufacturing, and dynamics issues; use of cost-effective technologies that benefit the consumer.
  • INTENDED FUNCTION How well the vehicle does the job its designers and product planners intended.
  • EFFICIENCY Low fuel consumption and carbon footprint, relative to the vehicle's competitors.
  • SAFETY Primary safety -- the vehicle's ability to help the driver avoid a crash -- as well as secondary safety measures that protect occupants from harm during a crash.
  • VALUE Price and equipment levels measured against those of vehicles in the same market segment.
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